Camp Calvin / CV Tuesday Online Workshop


On the 1st Tuesday of every month, Calvin or a Guest Instructor will host a live one-hour lesson on the zoom video platform. Calvin's lessons will consist of a new tune in a variety of styles and Guest Instructors will offer a technical workshop to help you improve your playing.

2024 Dates w/ Instructor: 
February 6: Calvin Vollrath
March 5: Alex Kusturok
April 2: Calvin Vollrath
May 14: Mark Sullivan (Please note chge of date)
June 4: Calvin Vollrath
 Sept 3: Daniel Gervais
Oct 1: Calvin Vollrath
Nov 5: April Verch

Time: 7:00 pm (ET) / 5:00 pm (MT)
$210/8-months OR $35/workshop (incs. GST)

Ten days prior to Calvin's Tune Lesson, you will receive the ‘Sheet music' of the tune that will be taught along with the MP3 from Calvin's album & the backing track from Calvin's album for you to play along with once you learn the tune and the Zoom meeting link. This is gonna be fun!

There are 2 purchase options available:

  1. Subscribe to the 8-mth session (Feb-Nov) and get access to the videos following the workshop for your review.
  2. Purchase individual workshops. (No access to videos). 
    -Sign up for one month and should you decide to subscribe, your monthly fee will be applied to the subscription fee of $200.

Calvin makes this affordable for everyone to participate, but you are given the option to pay more if you feel you are getting great value for these lessons. 

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Physical Albums

CC/CV TOW 2024 - Mark Sullivan (May 14, 2024)
  • CC/CV TOW 2024 - Mark Sullivan (May 14, 2024)
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CC/CV TOW 2024 - Mark Sullivan (May 14, 2024)

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For the 4th edition of CV TOW, we're combining it with Camp Calvin and have invited Guest Instructors on alternating months hosted on the Zoom platform.

On Calvin's tune months, you will receive the sheet music, the MP3 audio & the MP3 backing track of the tune being taught, so you can play with the band from Calvin's album after you learn the tune. What a great practice tool to have to improve your playing and it's a ton of fun to play with a great band. You will receive the Zoom link and all the support material 10 days before the workshop.

On Guest workshop months, you will receive any support material and the sheet music if a tune is being taught. With this option, you will NOT get access to the video after the class.

NB. If you select this option and decide to subscribe for the 8-month session after the lesson, your $35 payment will be applied toward the Subscription Fee. An opportunity to 'Test' it out.

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CC/CV TOW 2024 - Calvin & Guests (Feb - Nov)
  • CC/CV TOW 2024 - Calvin & Guests (Feb - Nov)
  • CC/CV TOW 2024 - Calvin & Guests (Feb - Nov)
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We're changing CV TOW up a bit for next season. It will still be the 1st Tuesday of the month but we will start in February, instead of March. February - June & then September - November.

We will have 4 guest instructors on 4 of the months. April Verch, Mark Sullivan, Daniel Gervais & Alex Kusturok. The instructors will be zoning in on workshop topics like various techniques, bowings, practice drills, etc to help you improve your knowledge and help you improve your playing ability. These workshops may include a tune to be learned but maybe not.

So Calvin will teach a tune 1 month and a guest will be your instructor the next month and so on. Calvin will be on those other workshops as well listening in and there to help out if need be.

Sheet music and audio will be included for all the tunes being taught and if the workshops have any material at all, you will receive that as well.

February-Calvin; March-Alex Kusturok; April-Calvin; May-Mark Sullivan; June-Calvin; September-Daniel Gervais; October-Calvin; November-April Verch.

This works out to the unbelievably low price of $25.00 per class/month and you'll get access to the recorded videos after the fact as well. The fee includes the GST.

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